NBA 2K19 20th Anniversary Edition players aren’t getting the promised 100,000 VC

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NBA 2K19 is out today, and by all accounts is a very good basketball game – just as it is every year. Unfortunately, every year there seems to be some or other server issues or technical glitch that makes players angry.

Right now, there’s a maelstrom of complaints about the game’s Virtual Currency – or VC. It’s not the old chestnut of the game being pay-to-win, or that items cost way too much (though that’s certainly true again). Rather, those who ordered the 20th Anniversary Edition were promised 100 000 VC along with a few other digital goodies. They’ve not been received. For many players who redeemed their extra VC, and some who’ve paid money for the stuff now have a balance of -1 VC, which means they’re currently locked out of upgrading their players or buying aesthetic items.

That’s just a small sample of complaints, which seem to go on for perpetuity. There are also reports that the servers (on console at least) are struggling, though the PC version isn’t exhibiting the same issues.

2K has acknowledged the issue, with a page giving a list of suggestions.

,Meanwhile, one user seems to have found a fix for the issue:

Let us know if you’ve been affected – and if the fix above works for you.

Last Updated: September 7, 2018

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