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Need for Speed will need an online connection

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Need for Speed is coming as a series reboot, because the narrative in a game about driving has become convoluted to a point where it needs to be refreshed, obviously. It seems to be an amalgamation of everything that’s come before, with a great big bunch of Need for Speed Underground influence. It’s got a lot of people very excited. There’s some news about it that may temper that excitement. It may be an always online game.

That’s according to a relatively vague tweet from the official Need for Speed account that suggests that the new Need for Speed will require a persistent online connection.

It seems it’ll need an online connection for social things, making it not too dissimilar to Need for Speed: Rivals which also needed an online connection to get the most of.

Of course, it will have a single player experience, but you’ll probably miss out on half the fun if your’e not connected to the internet.

It seems those hoping for a pure SP experience are going to be in for disappointment, but it all depends on how it’s all handled. We’ll get more details at E3, obviously – and my hope is that EA learns from Ubisoft’s mistakes with The Crew. Nobody wants an always online racer.

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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