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Netflix Acquires Their First Gaming Studio – Night School Studio

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Netflix has announced that they have acquired Night School Studio for an undisclosed price. It’s their first gaming studio that Netflix purchased, and is their first significant step into the gaming scene.

Night School Studio is most well-known for Oxenfree and most recently Afterparty. Both of these titles were outstanding in the narrative department. In a press release, Night School Studio said that their partnership was natural and would help them stretch their narrative design ambitions. Additionally, night School Studio co-founder Sean Krankel noted that this acquisition would not hamper the development of Oxenfree 2, which is due out sometime next year for PlayStation consoles, Switch and PC. 

While we don’t know what Night School will be doing for Netflix, this does show that they are serious about entering the video game scene. Netflix has been trying to figure out how to enter video game development as with earlier attempts. Such as partnering with Telltale Games for the now-cancelled Stranger Things adventure game. That deal fell through went Telltale went bankrupt. Though acquiring a studio is different from partnering with one. Meaning we could be hearing that iconic Netflix sound before the title of future games. We could even be playing Oxenfree and Oxenfree 2 with our TV remotes.

I think Night School Studio will fit in quite nicely with Netflix, and while I have no idea what they will do with Netflix. However, it could be cool to see a narrative and interactive experience play out on our TV screen. Netflix may finally bridge the gap between TV and gaming in the far or near future. 

What do you think of the purchase? 

What do you think Netflix will do with Night School Studio, and what studios do you think they’ll acquire in the future?

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Last Updated: October 4, 2021

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