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Bioware impact

It’s that time again – time for Bioware to tease us some more with a strange new announcement coming at Gamescom. This time, the teaser actually gives us a date and time.

Here is the “Impact” teaser from Bioware:

Oh yeah, blowing up her house is totally her fault. In the video description, we’re asked if we can control our power, that we have been chased. Then there’s the date, time and location for a “special fan event”.

Be at our special fan event:
Cologne Marriott Hotel | 08.13.14 | 3PM – 7PM CEST
Johannisstrasse 76-80 Cologne North Rhine-Westphalia 50668 Germany

Not in Cologne?
Join us live on from 4PM – 5 PM CEST

When digging for more info, there is this “Seeking Henna” site that turns up. It’s all about puzzles and missing people and prodigies. Hmmm, then somehow it links us to this site, all about a strange school for unique kids. How very X-Men of them. Could this actually be all about some sort of group of super prodigies? They have been chosen, granted with a special gift, something that makes me unique and awesome, and terrifying.

I will certainly find out more and report back from Cologne – what are you hoping the game is about? Is there a specific game (other than a new Mass Effect) that you want Bioware to make? Are you liking what you’re seeing thus far, or is it all still far too much teaser and not enough info for you?

Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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