One of the most defining differences between Call of Duty and Battlefield is simply the size of the respective maps. Call of Duty has always had tighter maps which, while not small, have never really competed with the size of some of the Battlefield maps.

Well that’s about to change with the newly announced Call of Duty: Ghosts map, Stonehaven. Now we’re not talking about a huge map here but compared to previous Call of Duty maps this is really very big. We were given a video presentation of the map in Paris last week but unfortunately weren’t allowed to play on it.

From what I did see however it looks like a mid sized Battlefield map with the large exterior section being perfect for long range sniping and the internal part of the castle more suited towards the assault styled gaming.

COD Ghosts_Stonehaven Environment 3 COD Ghosts_Stonehaven Environment 2 COD Ghosts_Stonehaven Environment 1

It’s hard to understand the scale from looking at the images above but imagine that you are standing on this grassy knoll in the foreground of the image above. Well then an enemy unit could be in that turret at the very back of the castle and between you and the castle are passageways like the one you can see in the top image.

Last Updated: September 27, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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