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New Dota 2 update calls you Coach

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Valve has officially unveiled their Three Spirits update, showing off Storm, Earth and Ember spirits. However, I found the new features to be the most interesting, particularly the coaching option.

According to the announcement, you can teach a friend to play Dota or invite your more experienced buddy to coach you. You can give training in everything from matchmaking and using the lobby, to finer details of the game. There are all sorts of cool tools:

Jump into the eyes of your students to see what they’re seeing, draw on the ground & mini-map to help guide them, and ping elements on their HUD to explain them.

Craft and Socketing have also received major changes, particularly now that each item can hold up to five gems. Please also be advised that this update will change current item prices. As such:

In order to prevent items being purchased at pre-update prices for arbitrage, we are removing all item listings and returning them to their owners. While this removal process is taking place, new items will not be able to be listed on the Steam Community Market.

This update seems focused on UI, community and coaching. What changes are you most excited or perturbed by?

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Last Updated: November 14, 2013

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