New Fable 3 screenshots

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Xbox South Africa has just listed a bunch of new (and old) screenshots up on their facebook page.

But for those of you who prefer a nicer gallery system or can’t connect to Facebook from the office I have inserted them all below.

Everytime I see fable screenshots the first word that comes into my head is ‘Epic’… It’s not really my sort of a game but I wish it were, it looks awesome.

33674_153347541369697_143899072314544_223963_640501_n 39601_153347944702990_143899072314544_223969_146432_n 44928_153347741369677_143899072314544_223965_7371218_n 65971_153347631369688_143899072314544_223964_7170420_n 66394_153347888036329_143899072314544_223967_7718027_n 67422_153348001369651_143899072314544_223971_4397613_n 67641_153347434703041_143899072314544_223962_203684_n 67667_153347974702987_143899072314544_223970_2833578_n 72567_153347824703002_143899072314544_223966_3000207_n72128_153347928036325_143899072314544_223968_2952783_n

Last Updated: October 14, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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