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New Halo 3 Achievements Rumour

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For the past day or two there have been photographs floating around of new achievements for Halo 3. It started with a picture taken at PAX of the Halo 3 title screen with the word “Mystic” written underneath the games logo which suggested there was indeed going to be an update.

Now there are other pictures of the actual achievements for Halo which seem to point achievements based on the various map packs for the game, with the legendary map pack featuring heavily in all the descriptions.

The part that makes this slightly different to usual game packs which add achievements is that there are apparently an additional 750 gamer points, which would presumably be broken up into 3 packs of 250 points each. Some of the pictures are quite blurry but they do show a supposed 79 achievements for Halo which is 30 more than the current amount.

Pictures after the jump.

All of these pictures have been taken off the Ascendant Justice Forum and they are supposed to be pictures taken at PAX.

This is a fairly strange achievement and is the reason behind the majority of my skepticism. I can’t understand why the developers would want to add such a silly achievement into the game.


H3Secrets2 H3Secrets3

H3Secrets5 H3Secrets6

H3Secrets8 H3Secrets10

H3Secrets11 H3Secrets13

Bungie haven’t confirmed or denied this yet so only time will tell, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: September 4, 2008

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