New Infamous Screenshots – Wow

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A whole bunch of new screenshots have become available and all I can say is “Wow”. This game is looking really impressive and if the screenshots are anything to go by then we can safely say that we have a high quality game on the way.

I have put the screenshots after the jump, so be sure to check them out. Eye-Candy at it’s best.

Once again, the graphics are only one thing and if the developers can add the same level of quality to the gameplay and story, we are all going to be in for quite a treat. Crackdown proved that a game can be highly entertaining on the fun factor alone, considering that it basically didn’t really even have a story.

This game is looking like The Crackdown Unleashed and in my books, that cannot be a bad thing.

Screenshots after the jump.





To see the screenshots in a higher res, you can visit the source below.

source: Kotaku

Last Updated: October 15, 2008

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