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New information for customers 2

Okay small update on the current story.

I have been in contact with Antony from to try and get to the bottom of the current rumour that are no longer shipping to South Africa and there is some good and bad news. have confirmed that they have blocked all new South African clients from signing up for their service due to an unacceptable level of missing packages, however for the moment they are not going to cancel existing users accounts unless that user has submitted multiple missing parcel claims.

Also users who have a credit with will be allowed to spend that credit or request a full refund and they have guaranteed that no one will lose out on any money.

Personally I take this as confirmation that they have been taken for a ride by unscrupulous individuals either through planned fraudulent activity or simply individuals profiteering of’s generosity.

Either way it’s another sad day for local gamers.

But all hope is not lost, we have some awesome local retailers who would be more than happy to fill the void left by’s departure. Feel free to leave a link to your favoured online retailer in the comments section below.

Last Updated: April 15, 2009

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