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New Microsoft Console is Free?

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There is a guy named Bruce. Bruce likes to write about games. Bruce therefore created a site named bruceongames.com.

Bruce has written an article, which although speculative, has a few interesting points about the possible future of console gaming. He states that using server technology together with a set top box, users will be able to access a wealth of games such as MMO’s casual games, old classics and can possibly integrate a whole lot of community oriented applications or games.

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Now, because the set top box is so simple and so many of the tasks are handled by the servers, the actual technology itself will be very simple and very cheap, to the point that it could even be given away free when a consumer signs up for the service. The technology could even be built into DVD players and for all I know, fridges as well.

Now, while the title of his article is “The Free Upcoming Microsoft Console”, he states that companies such as Sony, Samsung, Philips or even Google could do something like this but he thinks that it would probably be Microsoft as they have the necessary resources to make it a reality.

I remember hearing a couple years ago (more like 10), that Bill Gates had been speaking about something very similar whereby all of your applications and work would be stored in servers and your actual PC could be as low spec as a 486 or Pentium 1. Now, times have changed an awful lot, but it will be interesting to see if something like this ever sees the light of day.

source: bruceongames.com

Last Updated: July 22, 2008

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