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UPDATED: New Overwatch hero teases point at Torbjörn’s daughter Brigitte

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We’ve been hearing for a while now that the 27th hero for Overwatch is not too far away, and the last few days has seen developer Blizzard drop perhaps the biggest hints yet about the latest hero’s identity. The first appeared early last week in the form of a tweet revealing a declassified report for a mysterious mission from the team’s past codenamed White Dome.

It’s revealed that Ana Amari led a strike team consisting of herself, Torbjörn Lindholm, Wilhelm Reinhardt and “Private First Class Emre Sarioglu” on a mission to deal with some omnic resistance in Turkey which unfortunately went bad. Initially, fans latched onto Emre Sarioglu as this was the first time his name had ever been mentioned in the lore. Many speculated that he could be the mysterious young man seen on a previously released classic team photo of the original Overwatch team members, flanked by a still unrevealed man and woman,

However, even if that was Emre, it seems that people latched onto the wrong detail in that report. Operation White Dome was the mission on which Torbjörn sustained the injury that led to him losing his arm and eye (in the current timeline it’s been replaced by robotic prosthetics). His injuries would have been way worse if it wasn’t for the reported intervention of Reinhardt, who was nominated for a commendation for his bravery.

A follow-up tweet continued this story in the form of a letter written by Torbjörn to his pregnant wife Ingrid, in which he reveals that as a reward for Reinhardt’s actions the Swedish engineer would make the hulking German rocket knight his unborn daughter’s godfather and allow him to name her as well. Torbjörn’s hope though, is that his daughter won’t be too much like him when she grows up.

Now thanks to a couple of Overwatch comic book tie-ins as well as the Honor and Glory animated short, we know that eventually Brigitte does indeed grow up in Reinhardt’s shadow, travelling with him and serving as his engineer, keeping his armour and rocket hammer in top condition as he goes around trying to save innocents.

We’ve been hearing rumours for a while now already that Hero 27 could be a new tank of some sort, and based on Brigitte’s past with Reinhardt – not too mention that she appears to not have taken after her father when it comes to the stature department – it makes sense for her to take up that role. If it is Brigitte, I definitely don’t expect her to be a straight tank but perhaps some kind of hybrid class.

Of course, according to lore, Torbjörn had over half a dozen other children and grandchildren and we don’t know that Reinhardt didn’t actually name them and not Brigitte. If Blizzard follows the path of past hero reveals, we will probably get another couple of teases before the reveal. Or it might happen any time now. There’s really no way to tell.

UPDATE: The official Overwatch Twitter account has revealed a brand new teaser image that seems to definitely support the theory that Brigitte is the 27th hero.

That appears to be schematics for a hammer of some sort, which is a tool used by both Torbjörn and Reinhardt (though for completely different purposes), who appear to be Brigitte’s biggest influences in her life. The notes on the side of the image are also in Swedish (titanlegering = titanium alloy) and according to Google Translate “Slaga” is Swedish for “flail”. The last point leads me to suspect that Slaga’s head may be detachable and be able to whip out on a chain like a real flail.

Those flanges on the top definitely swing up and down for some purpose and you can see the chain in the diagram on the top right corner. Could be the weapon has two different modes, and like her father and godfather, Brigitte could perhaps use one mode for offensive attacks and another for defensive building. Or maybe those flanges opening up are similar to how Mercy’s cadaceus staff opens up when she’s using it. Melee support tank, anybody?

Last Updated: February 26, 2018

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