New patch may force you to reinstall Destiny

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Yesterday Bungie detailed a new hot fix that would be going live later in the day. It did, bring a host of small tweaks and changes to the game’s weapons and raids. Some players, however, are finding that the patch also manages to destroy their Destiny installation altogether.

Briefly after the hot fix went live Bungie realised that something was amiss. The developer tweeted out that some players may be forced to reinstall Destiny after updating, which is mandatory anyway considering the game is always-online.

So that’s a little inconvenient, considering how long game installations sometimes take on new consoles. But you’re pretty much fine if you have a physical copy of the game. The real issue is those who don’t –what happens to people like me who purchased the digital version?

Well it seems like we’re pretty much screwed. If the hot fix happens to affect your game and you’re prompted to reinstall, then prepare yourself for another massive download. It’s slightly more than a little “inconvenience”, as Bungie likes to put it.

So if you’re still playing Destiny, prepare for a little game of installation roulette the next time you update. It seems to be affecting people randomly, and Bungie is content on just advising players how to re-install the game rather than avoid the problem entirely. Wish me luck.

Last Updated: October 15, 2014

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