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New Rainbow Six trailer takes on the bankers

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The last Rainbow 6 Patriots footage blew me away and over the weekend at the VGA’s a new cut scene was released about this game and it’s just made it more enticing.

In this scene some terrorists or as they like to be called, Patriots, break into a an office block and take out their anger on an ageing finance worker. We don’t know if the guy was just an innocent worker or if he really did cause some of the major financial issues but either way he’s not going to be doing anything else. Spoilers after the video.

And for those of you who don’t have access or don’t want to stream the video now, they break into an office and knock the older guy out. All the time we are hearing someone talk about economic issues and bankers taking bail outs and that sort of thing.

Then he comes to and realises that he has explosives strapped to him, the next thing we see is a window being shot out and then he’s thrown out the window to the road far below.

As he gets to the road they hit the button and a massive explosion rips through the street obviously disintegrating him but also taking a fair amount of completely innocent bystanders out in the process.

As much as we may all hate the bankers and can feel a connection with the terrorists all that is lost when they kill the innocents.

I’m a massive Rainbow 6 fan so I’m going to be watching this with a close eye before it’s final release in 2013.

Last Updated: December 12, 2011

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