New screenshots mysteriously appear for ‘The Last Of Us’

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Naughty Dog may have finally finished up work on Uncharted last year, but that doesn’t mean that the popular Sony studio is taking a break from gaming at the moment. They’ve got another title that they’ve been working, that goes by the name of ‘The Last Of Us’.

Gamers are eager for the title, as it looks to be yet another stunner from the beloved studio. While details on the ruined and infected world that makes up the atmosphere of The Last Of Us are few and far between, some new screenshots and concept art did mysteriously surface this week.

Set in a world that has been overrun by some strange plague that has left humans with strange mutations and an almost soccer-hooligan level of destruction and hate, The Last Of Us tells the tale of Joel and Ellie, as the two survivors have to find a way out of the city, avoiding roving gangs of mutants, violent street gangs and merciless government forces in a dog eat dog world.

Naughty Dog is promising us a game that won’t be based on the gamers bane of the escort mission objective, but will instead feature an AI partner who is smart, resourceful and actually handy in a fight.

last-of-us11 copy

last-of-us1 copy

 last-of-us2 copy

 last-of-us3 copy






The Last Of Us is scheduled for a late 2012 release as a Sony exclusive, and while it won’t feature any co-op gameplay, Naughty Dog has confirmed that they are looking at implementing multiplayer into the title.

So far, the game looks stunning, and characters look wonderfully real and detailed. Lets just hope that the final product resembles these impressive visuals, right Uncharted 3 E3 promotional version?

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Last Updated: February 10, 2012

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