New Settlers gets co-op

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Coop settlers

Ubisoft is excited to tell us about their new Settlers game, Kingdoms of Anteria. Fans of the franchise love building their economies, but there are other new elements of the game that I’m not totally convinced that players will love.

According to new info on the Ubisoft blog, you can build bigger kingdoms, create strong production chains and unlock upgrades and sectors. You will also take on enemies in tactical battles to get new loot by engaging in battles with a champion of your choice. But wait, there’s more:

In addition to the solo play, you can partner with up to three other people and explore the lands of Anteria, collecting loot as you go. Build strong bonds with your friends and trade resources to help everyone maintain a healthy economy.

The new Settlers is getting co-op, too? Wow, Ubisoft really thinks that I like playing games with friends – seems almost all their games are getting co-op capabilities. Perhaps I can go all Adam Smith on the game and use competitive advantage to ensure that all my friends can specialize on making their economies work together and whatnot, but it just seems a bit odd for a Settlers game.

The game will apparently be on show at Gamescom – I will try to take a look at it for you all and let you know if it actually works in practice or will alienate all the diehard fans of the franchise. You should also be able to sign up for the closed Beta soon, although I don’t see anything to click on the official site just yet.

Are you excited at the prospect of sharing resources with your Settlers friends, or is this a game that’s meant to be played alone? Is the co-op trend making you happy, or would you wish it would just blog over already?

Last Updated: August 7, 2014

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