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New Silent Hill rumours of it being a PS5 exclusive and a soft reboot sound too good to be true

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It freakin’ kills me to look at Konami these days. Once a giant in gaming, the company is now best known for having dropped any glimmer of it being consumer-friendly and going all in on gambling, pumping out casino hardware that features some of the most iconic brands in the industry. And that’s fine! I Konami wants to make some extra scratch via a Metal Gear Solid slot machine, then that’s their prerogative.

It’s their brand that became wildly popular thanks to a visionary game director who helped shepherd the series to massive success and then was rewarded with a boot to the ass and the threat of a lawsuit if he accepted any kudos, so they’re free to do whatever they want with it. What drives me to drink a shot of Jack Daniels from a My Little Pony mug though, is how Konami is doing very little with these brands on PC and console.

Outside of Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami doesn’t seem to be interested in using these franchises to make new games. When they do release a game every once in a while, it usually drives the brand associated with it further into the grave. Take a look at Metal Gear Survive or Contra: Hard Corps as an example. You know, the Contra game where you have a cooldown meter on your guns I crap thee not.

Anyway, one game that fans are dying to see more of because they’re gluttons for punishment? Silent Hill, whose legacy has become legend at this point. At one time marked for a return under Hideo Kojima and starring that Norman Reedus fella from The Walking Dead, Silent Hills was poised to be the comeback of the century. Things…quickly went wrong and that project was thrown into the trash pile.

That doesn’t mean that Silent Hill is completely dead though. Game leaker extraordinaire Dusk Golem recently tweeted a few new details on the rumoured game, dismissing some of the wilder theories that had popped up lately and painting a picture of a new take on the franchise that simply sounds too good to be true:

Well hot damn, that’s a workaround that could bear some solid fruit. Provided that Konami can be kept far away from the meeting room where microtransactions are discussed, those elements listed above would make for a devilishly good Silent Hill game, provided that you’re into the kind of psychological horror that makes you want to never sleep again.

We’re in for a good couple of reveals over the months to come, so who knows? Maybe now is the right time to announce that the fog is descending on gaming once again. Or maybe we’re in for a bitterly disappointing reveal of a new Silent Hill-themed blackjack table.

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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