New Skull found in Halo? I didn’t know anyone was still looking.

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Do you remember in Halo 3 that Bungie had scattered those skulls around which once collected could change the gameplay in one way or another?

Well it looks like someone has found another one and you really do have to applaud the guys effort, he has cracked open the binaries with a hex editor and has been scouring the pages for anything related to a Skull.

So there may or may not be another skull in Halo 3 but if it does exist I guess we can presume it is on the Foundry level…

It’s strange that Halo 3 never took off in South Africa like it did in the USA, I highly doubt you would find anyone locally who would be overly excited about this and even less chance of finding someone willing to scour through binaries looking for clues.


Last Updated: October 28, 2008

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