New SOMA video shows off its locale

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When Geoff told you about the horror game coming to PC and PS4, it looked ridiculously scary. Now, it turns out that he was wrong about the setting – this is even scarier.

In the original video, SOMA was all about the “I think therefore I am” horror of being alone and questioning your own existence. From the sick, twisted developers at Frictional Games, these makers of Amnesia: Dark Descent were preparing to give us a game about exploration and survival. We thought the game was going to take place in space, but it’s actually way worse:

That’s right, SOMA takes place underwater. Beyond my unnatural fear of drowning, the developers know that the deep ocean is a place of horror. They explained that despite being on our door step, the ocean is an incredibly hostile environment – it’s dark, inhospitable to human life, and filled with real monsters. Great, just what I need in a horror game.

I like the approach the Frictional Games guys take to horror. Like in a real life scenario, you are unarmed and essentially unable to fight back. Instead, it’s all about exploring, hiding and surviving by avoiding all sources of harm as best as possible. While I love playing powerful characters who are able to defeat even the strongest enemies, it’s truly horrifying to be defenseless in a dangerous situation. I suppose I’ll have to play this game in broad daylight. With an oxygen tank. And Valium.

Can you guys handle horror games like this, or will you choose (like Darryn) to just cry under your desk instead?

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

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