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New Sony console incoming, not the PS4

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A Japanese retailer has posted up a blog post about a new PS3 that they have been informed about.

It’s not a PS4 or anything as exciting as that and is more just a slight upgrade from the current PS3 model that is on store shelves.

This new PS3 will be called the CECH-3000B and will contain a 320Gb hard drive, its power consumption is cut from 230W to 200W and it’s weight has been slashed by 400gms to 2.6 Kilograms.

There are some unannounced changes to the external buttons (power and eject) and some LED lamps have been removed. There isn’t any explanation about which lamps are removed or what the changes to the buttons are though.

The all important pricing won’t be changed and apparently the new version will be shipped to Japanese retailers as the current stock runs out.

This isn’t anything new and the console guys do this all the time but it does sometimes lead to price cuts later in the year as they generally save a bit of money with each new iteration so we can hold out for that.

Source: Andriasang

Last Updated: June 20, 2011

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