New StarCraft 2 eSports features are actually useful

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SC2 Heart of the Swarm

While it’s great that developers try to innovate in their multiplayer games with eSports in mind, some features added are just not really helping players improve their gameplay or learn more about the game. This is why it’s really fresh to see some of the new features Blizzard are adding to StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, as they will help players learn the game in a much easier way.

In the latest preview video, Community Manager Cloaken, discusses these features. The best part of it being, that it doesn’t confuse the crap out your brain. You could understand it even if you don’t understand the game. Many other games in fact, could benefit greatly from these features. 

Blizzard has really listened to the community, incorporating features to ease the learning curve. It might not help people who are playing solo and don’t have any desire to have any contact wit other living things, but it’s a major improvement. First up we’ve got the “Watch With Others” feature, which gives players the ability to watch replays in a group. This means that you could watch a replay with a friend or group of friends where they could help each other better their strategies, or just learn what to and what not to do in certain situations. Controls allow replay speed, and jumping through the replays to different stages of the game. This feature not only allows news players to improve with their friends, but pro’s to optimize their already beastly skills.

The next feature, takes watching those replays to a whole new level. Instead of players trying to explain things to each other, they can actually jump right into the game, as one of the players and demonstrate what they mean. The feature is called “Take Command”. This feature is ideal for eSports and not just for StarCaft. I think it could be immensely beneficial to team based games, whether its shooters or MOBA games.

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Finally, a feature that ends a world of frustration in any game played. The “Recover Game” feature will allow you to recover your game and continue from the best possibly place if you’ve had some kind of game crash, or a freak lightning flash hit your PC, or you suddenly got raided by the police for being a serial leaker or had a sudden urge to break out in a light-saber fight with Darth. The game will detect the point at which keyboard input stopped and suggest it as a possibly point for resuming the game. This means that any one in a tournament match or friendly match won’t have to start all over again after repeatedly banging their skulls against their desks. Overall, I’d say the new features are great and will probably be seen in many more games in the future.

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Last Updated: February 22, 2013

  • I know its not quite related, but similar in my mind. I remember reading months ago that Dota 2 was supposed to incorporate some feature that allows a friend to jump into your game into the place of somebody who has maybe rage quit or dropped. No such feature exists as far as I know 😛 hope they throw it in at some stage.

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