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New Street Fighter movie possibly worse than the first? Photos Leaked.

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Why, oh why can movie makers not just make a straightforward movie. Why is this next Street Fighter all about Chun-Li and the apparent legend that she is.

Did anyone ever watch The Quest ? Even though it starred Jean-Claude Van Damme, it was a pretty straightforward movie about a fighting tournament with different fighters from all over the world who join to show that they are the best. It wasn’t what you would call Oscar winning stuff but it was an enjoyable movie to anyone who just wanted to watch a whole bunch of different people beat the hell out of each other.

If anything, it was possibly the Street Fighter/Tekken/Whatever movie that was never made. Most moviemakers these days try and draw out some huge deep story out of a basic idea and in the end it turns out to be a pile of trash.

Before I get too side tracked, there are some leaked photos from the upcoming movie after the jump as well as more of my ranting about game to movie adaptations. Take a look at the images and tell us if you think it’s coming along nicely or if it’s going to be a huge pile of steaming dung.

While it was nothing special compared to your standard movie releases, the first Mortal Kombat was a pretty decent effort as well. Sure they tried to add some extra story to it but at the end of the day that took the basic idea of a fighting tournament with our favorite characters and turned it into a movie and at the end of the day it wasn’t so bad now was it? We will not however, talk about the sequel (*puke*) but if anyone is interested, a third is apparently in the works.

Here are the photos, what do you think? Possible win or epic fail in the making?





Last Updated: December 4, 2008

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