New Xbox 360 Arcade Can Haz Moar Memories?

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You may recall that newer Xbox 360 arcade units were shipping with internal memory instead of external memory cards. It seems that Microsoft may have surreptitiously doubled that storage from a paltry 256Mb to a slightly more respectable 512Mb.

Xbox Scene is reporting that the new Xbox 360 motherboards – manufactured in April 2009 – feature the same, somewhat more reliable “Jasper” internals as the previous ones, only including the extra storage. This will certainly make more available to Xbox-live connected Arcade users, allowing them to make the most of their budget-friendly current-gen consoles.

I’d ask if any South African Arcade users could confirm, but I’ve noticed that the Xbox 360 is in scant supply. Whether this can be pinpointed to the recent relocation of the local distributor or part of a larger problem is up for speculation and conjecture.

Source : Kotaku

Last Updated: June 18, 2009

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