New Xbox 360 Dashboard coming before the 7th of November

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We still don’t have a date on when the new dashboard is actually going to land but it looks like a senior Product Manager over at Microsoft, Andrew Jenkins, may have let the cat out of the bag.

In an interview with Current magazine he goes on to say

“On the date we release it, it will be a global message to update the console and if you don’t do it through our connected service, you will be able to do it on disc, so when you buy the latest Gears of War, or whatever game purchased after the release of the Dash it will have the new Dashboard in the disc and it will automatically update your Xbox”

The bolded statement being the kicker, since Gears is releasing on the 7th of November we can happily presume the NXE is going to be released before that or on that day.

I highly recommend that Microsoft don’t release it on the day as 2 million angry Gears fans is a bad idea in anyone’s books.


*still no confirmation on whether the NXE is going to have that web browser either…

Last Updated: October 2, 2008

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