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New Xbox Dashboard coming 6 December. Maybe

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Some of you might be using the new Xbox Dashboard already, having been plucked from a group of hopefuls to be in the preview program. You’re under NDA, so you can’t tell us what it’s like. That’s ok though, we’ll get to test out the new dashboard – along with everybody else – on December 6.

The new Dashboard – which features the “metro” user interface that makes windows 7 phones such a *snigger* joy to use – will be hitting Xboxes all around the world in the first week of next month. The update brings with it tighter Kinect voice control, includes Bing search, and will add a host of new on-demand video services, like the BBC, Channel 4, LoveFilm, HBO and more – none of which will be accessible to us in the third world.

It’ll also add some stuff we will get to use,  like Beacons –  a way to mark which games you’re currently playing or want to play,  to encourage you and your friends to set up times to play together on Xbox Live – and Cloud saving, where your game saves will get backed up in the sky. As somebody who knows somebody who went full retard and deleted his whole Skyrim save instead of just the installed game, cloud saving’s a useful feature indeed.

Microsoft’s yet to confirm a date for the new update, but both Kotaku and TeamXbox seem convinced.

Last Updated: November 22, 2011

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