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The newest Hearthstone expansion is indeed called Whispers of the Old Gods

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Whispers of the Old Gods

Last week, dedicated Blizzard fans speculated that the upcoming and third expansion for Hearthstone would be called Whispers of the Old Gods. Well, you know what they say. Don’t ever believe anything you read on the Internet (especially if Darryn wrote it), because it’s likely to be 100% false, and completely made up!

Except this time, Darryn was spot on with his reporting – people on the Internet were actually telling the truth! Blizzard have confirmed that the new expansion for their ever popular card game is indeed called Whispers of the Old Gods. Here’s the trailer, along with the official announcement:

Legend has it, the Old Gods’ voices are dread whispers that no mere mortal can hope to resist. It is said that for millennia uncounted the massive Old Gods lay dreaming in ageless sleep deep beneath the surface of Azeroth. Maybe noisy taverns full of laughter, shouts of triumph, and clanking tankards are like a snooze alarm you can’t turn off, and this whole Old-Gods-waking-up thing is entirely our fault!

Whatever the cause, those nameless tentacled terrors are finally rousing from their naps, and with their waking insidious corruption is seeping up from the stygian depths! Still, there’s no need to fear (mostly!). Civilization is safe (for now!). They haven’t come for the utter domination of all life on Azeroth (probably!).
Now that they’re awake (and they’ve had a chance to stretch their various appendages, rub the sleep out of their many, many eyes, and have a healthy breakfast), the Old Gods have decided to put their malignant might into mortal hands. . .  in the form of disgustingly potent Hearthstone cards!

As a new Hearthstone addict, I’ve spent the past couple of months grinding up cards from The League of Explorers and the Grand Tournament. I’d like to think my collection is looking reasonable (hey, it’s getting there slowly), but it’s now going to fall behind even further. Whispers of the Old Gods will have a whopping 134 brand new cards to collect!

Thankfully, I’ve got ample time to save up some gold before the expansion arrives. According to Blizzard, the expansion will be out late April/early May.

If you aren’t one to work hard for anything in life, you can skip the grind and drop some cash instead. A 50-pack bundle will set you back $49.99, which based on the current exchange rate, equals around 54 new cars, or a couple of really nice houses. It’s a hard choice to make! In the meantime, you can take a gander at some of the new cards over on Hearthstone’s Facebook page. There are still loads more to be revealed!

So, are you excited for Whispers of the Old Gods? I certainly am!

Last Updated: March 14, 2016


  1. Time to save up all the Gold to buy the new expansion pack when it arrives.


  2. Dynamite Kieron

    March 14, 2016 at 16:35

    Just a tip: Pre-order on Android phones as it will only be R599… That is if you want to throw cash at the game


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