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In Other News – 08 November 2016

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I could very easily live on just seafood. Because I see food and I eat it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Ha…anyway, ocean food is awesome. It’s nutritious, fools me into thinking that I’m bulking up my brain and it’s the perfect meal for any time of the day. So why just settle on one tasty denizen of the deep? There’s nothing better than an entire platter filled with a fresh ocean bounty.

I’m talking prawns, mussels, calamari and some good ol’ hake, drowning in a lemon butter sauce and some cajun spice. Oh man, that’s the stuff. If you live anywhere near the coast, you’ll most likely have plenty of places specialising in such meals. One such place that I like to frequent in PE is Ocean Basket. Now they’re absolutely terrible away from the coast, but being right next to the sea gives them a proper edge.

And that platter for one they serve? Now that’s a meal worth experiencing at least once.

In Other News: Sombra is too cool for your play of the game yo, the NES classic has some proper hardware under the hood and all your secret endings are belong to us.

Here’s the news that we didn’t post today, because we were too busy waiting for our US erection results to rise up.


Overwatch’s Sombra is so cool, she can hack the end-of-round Play of the Game
Rainbow Six Siege’s season four content featured in two new videos
Dishonored 2 Steam page reveals the use of Denuvo DRM
The vanilla World of Warcraft server Nostalrius is returning under a new name
Twilight Princess HD studio Tantalus is ‘working on Switch’
Developer Drool on Harmonix, PlayStation VR and why Thumper is not a rhythm title
NES Classic is surprisingly powerful
Patrick Bach is leaving DICE after 14 years


The “All Your Base Game” had 32 secret Japanese endings
Dishonored is a game that improves with every play
The hardcore Steam cheating community sounds wild
New Leaf’s generous Welcome amiibo! update is well worth a trip back to your Animal Crossing town


What’s on at The Movies

So I guess Steven Seagal is back in this trailer for CONTRACT TO KILL
This featurette for PATRIOTS DAY aims to do right
What you can’t see can hit you in the latest GHOST IN THE SHELL teaser
You have to be careful with this new trailer for the acclaimed thriller NOCTURNAL ANIMALS
This trailer for LEGO BATMAN is blushing super hard!
Universal inherits a VOLTRON live-action film from DreamWorks Animation

Last Updated: November 8, 2016

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