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Next Battlefield 3 patch is already in the works

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Its only been a day so far, but the current patch for Battlefield 3 has improved several facets of the popular shooter tremendously so far, fixing quite a few glaring issues. With that being said though, the patch hasn’t fixed everything, with some fans gnashing their teeth in anger whenever another player pulls out a flashlight and proceeds to use a solar flare attack on them.

But have no fear, because those exploits and problems will be fixed soon, in the next Battlefield 3 patch, with EA Community Manager Ian Tornay filling fans in on what they can expect in the next revision.

Speaking on Reddit, Tornay said that PC players could expect the following;

So, here’s what I’m seeing.

We’ve made progress that most of you appreciate and the fixes we are making are welcome. That being said, there are still some issues that you’ve been asking about that weren’t included in this patch. These include, but are not limited to:

  • In-game VOIP
  • Various nerfs including Taclight
  • changes to chat window (size, positioning)
  • Additional changes to squad interface, including the ability to make squads
  • Beep beeps (Which will be implemented, just not in this patch)
  • Squad and in-game interface changes (mostly revolving around the proposed fan-designed interface)
  • EDIT: TV Missiles – definitely known (can’t believe i left it off)
  • EDIT: Spectator/Battle-recorder – Another very popular request. (I can’t believe I left it off! I’d like this too)

Please know that these are definitely on our radar as top issues for community requests.

Some of the issues addressed in this patch were brought to our attention by you guys, including the “negative acceleration” issue. We’re committed to continuing to act on your feedback!

Not all of the issues we’ve solved are as impactful or sexy as some of you were hoping for, but I hope everyone appreciates how hard the DICE team has been working.

DICE Global Community Manager Daniel Matros has also reassured fans about lighting issues, remarking that while a set of fixes “didn’t make it in this one”, they will be “coming with the next”. Plans to change the PC chatbox are also in place, while DICE also wants to work on any server issues that fans may be having.

So there you have it PC players, the next set of patches will hopefully sort out any lingering issues so that you can get back into the game and shoot your buddies from behind. Console gamers will have to wait a bit longer however, but keep sending constructive feedback about Battlefield 3 to EA and DICE, as it’s an effective way to make a great game even better.

Last Updated: November 24, 2011

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