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Next gen will never match High end PC’s

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While the chaps at Epic are convinced that the next generation of consoles will produce the sort of visuals we’re seeing on high-end PC’s, one of the PC platform’s more vocal champions Crytek has said that there’s just no way that’s going to happen.

Of course, when Crytek says “High End” they mean the sort of PC that nobody on earth actually has, and that consoles of the future will never be able to match the best hardware that money could buy.

"Without breaking NDAs that are in place, realistically, from purely a price point perspective, it is impossible,” says Crytek’s Cevat Yerli to Eurogamer.

"It’s impossible to package $2000-3000 into a mainstream, let’s say $500 console. I’m not saying they are $500 consoles. They may launch a console at $2000, but the consumer pricing is usually much lower than that.

"So, given consumer pricing, and given the cost of production of a gamer PC and the amount of watt of power it needs, which is like a fridge, it’s impossible."

He went on to say that with the way that PC gaming itself has changed, consoles will always have a harder time keeping up.

"If you look at PC gaming, that has changed also," he said. "The whole modular way you can design a PC today, with two, three or four graphics cards in them, and you can water cool them and overclock to infinity, that didn’t exist even six or seven years ago. You just bought one or maybe two graphics cards and then you were super enthusiastic.

"It’s very difficult to compete with that. People have these massive nuclear power plants standing in their rooms that will run your games really fast. It’s hard to compete with."

A $500 console will never compete with a $3000 PC? Thanks for the insight, Captain Obvious.

Last Updated: February 18, 2013

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