The next time we’ll see Quantum Break is at Gamescom

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E3 is an amazing event. I love going there and seeing all the things – it’s like Mecca for a gamer, seeing enormous stands filled with all the latest and greatest gaming stuff. A lot also goes on behind the scenes as we work hard to get exclusive meetings to interview developers and get hands on demo time with all our most anticipated titles. I was really hoping I’d get such an opportunity with Quantum Break, but it seems that will only happen in Germany later this year.

With E3 moved later in the calendar, it’s now even closer to Gamescom, prompting many publishers and studios to be more strategic in what they show at one event vs the other. Remedy has decided to actually skip showing off Quantum Break at E3, showing their next demo to the public at Gamescom. Here’s the fun video where you can win a trip to Finland and find out more:

As sad as this makes me, I do understand. Making a demo for a trade show takes a considerable amount of resources – it’s not just a normal slice of the game as it would normally be developed. While showing off a demo at E3 is great and would make personally very happy, Gamescom is generally a better time for hands-on experiences with games – E3 often feels like an opportunity to fly halfway around the world to watch trailers and other people playing demos behind closed doors. While I’m disappointed that I won’t get to see Quantum Break at E3, I’m excited to see what they show when we see the next bit of news at Gamescom.

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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