Next Xbox to have the power of a super computer?

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A stray document has been uploaded to Google Docs that appears to show the new Xbox Logo, colours and launch hashtag for the upcoming Next Xbox announcement. But even more intriguing are the coded messages on each of the slides.

I’ll say up front that I’m not totally convinced these are real and are likely to be someone’s idea of a joke but with the reveal just around the corner it is likely that news will start leaking so we’ll leave you to judge for yourself.


All the slides follow the same format with the standard logo up top, the interconnected ideology shown in the graphic at the bottom and with each slide being one of the official Microsoft logo colours.

But what’s all that junk in the middle? Well according to an Italian gaming website it’s an esoteric programming language and this slide apparently says Storm Clouds.


More Than Now


Deep Computing


Petaflops > Teraflops

So what’s a Petaflop? A petaflop is 1000 teraflops… but that still doesn’t mean much to you at all does it? In it’s simplest form a flop is a measurement of how quickly a computer can process data. If you really want to learn more then head over to the Wiki page and enjoy the research… here is how you calculate one FLOP


Okay great boring stuff done, so as a comparison lets see how many teraflops the current consoles push out? Well according to most sites I can find the current Xbox 360 either pushes out 1 or half a terraflop. The original PS2 claimed to push out 6.4 Megaflops (mega, giga, terra, peta) with the original Xbox pushing 70 megaflops.

The most powerful computer on the planet currently hits 17 Petaflops so the idea that a personal console could hit 1 petaflop is ludicrous… or is it?

yes… yes it is. In 2009 Acer revealed a $15 000 personal computer that managed to hit 1.1 teraflops. So unless Microsoft has found a way to increase that chips power by 1000 in 4 years this claim is totally bogus.


But wouldn’t it be fun to see the PC Master Race gasping for breath if they actually announced it.

Last Updated: April 19, 2013

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