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Nier New Project concept art is already beautiful

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Nier new project

Darryn, who we all know is devoid of emotions, laughs at me whenever I mention my love of Nier. He just doesn’t understand that while Nier was, indeed, a flawed experience, it was one of the most beautiful games I played on PS3. The soundtrack, the art, and the story have all stuck with me for years and changed the way that I view games in general. Now a new project is coming, and it will probably make me feel the same.

In case you missed it during the flurry of E3 announcements, here is the trailer showing off the new project that doesn’t yet have an official name:

And here is the screenshot shown off on twitter:

I have a lot of faith in the new project. Perhaps that is misplaced faith but looking at the people working on the new Nier, I think it will keep the best of the original game while fixing those things that were so horribly wrong. With Platinum working on the project, I’m sure the combat will be far superior to the original game, but by keeping the same composer and director, it will continue to have that unique aesthetic.

Without giving away any spoilers, I loved the way that Nier changed as you played it, forcing you to have sympathy for your enemies while still making you fight them. It was a unique approach to storytelling and made the whole thing feel like an emotional journey. Plus, the soundtrack is still one of the best in any game. Now excuse me while I go play it on repeat for the rest of the day.

Last Updated: September 3, 2015


  1. Umar

    September 3, 2015 at 07:47

    Emil – Sacrifice on repeat *Cries*

    This is gonna be awesome. Same director as the original Nier and Plat games? OH MAN…Also, D has NO TASTE.


  2. CypherGate

    September 3, 2015 at 10:03

    I still dont get why of all games they bringing this one back. Lost Odyssey deserved to be remade.


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