Nintendo “Blew it” with Wii 2 Opportunity

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Your favouwite wavishing pwognosticator fwom Wedbush Morgan, has in the wake of the Nintendo’s awesome 3DS announcement, think that the Japanese company has “blown it” with regards to a successor to their runaway success, the Wii.

“With as much respect for Nintendo management as I can muster,” he said to IndustryGamers “I think Nintendo’s completely blown it with their second generation Wii strategy.”

“I think they have the mentality that to launch a new [console] they have to retire the old, and I think that’s wrong. I think the right strategy would have been to get a second generation Wii out and keep the old Wii at the same time, and have the second generation be the natural progression upgrade model.”

“You don’t see Mercedes stopping production of the E-Class because they have a C-Class… So they should let people start with the Wii and graduate to the Wii 2, and have online functionality and Call of Duty multiplayer on there and compete with the 360.”

“Instead, they’re actually conceding that multiplayer market to Xbox 360 and PS3. They’ve always conceded it, but now with Kinect and Move, it’s a lot easier for people to make 360 or PS3 their starter console.”

Personally? I think Nintendo’s strategy is sound; this year, concentrate on their mind-blowing new handheld – and unleash their next home console next year with a bunch of features that utilise the 3DS. although, I will admit that some proper online functionality would be nice in the Wii 2

Source : IndustryGamers

Last Updated: January 21, 2011

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