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Nintendo Counterfeiter gets a hefty jail sentence

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Step away from the emulators, or we will open fire on you!

Crime doesn’t pay. Well actually, it does, but not for long. And consequences. And maybe karma. That’s what one perp discovered today, as after pirating and counterfeiting a ridiculous amount of Nintendo games, he was finally nabbed by five-o, and slapped with one hefty prison sentence.

Justin Success-Brooks, got hit with a 28 month prison sentence for selling fake Nintendo cartridges and discs, turning a profit to the tune of £600,000. If he’s a good boy though, he’ll be out in 16 months.

Success-Brooks wasn’t just some small time hood making money off of homebrew software, as his blatant and open business practices caught the eye of Nintendo, who sent him numerous cease and desist letters, which he proceeded to ignore. Prosecutors say that Success-Brooks also had  vast international base of clients, primarily in China.

But at least the court case must have been entertaining. Success-Brooks’ lawyer, Gary Venturi, claimed that his clients had no choice but to buy games from him, as it would save them money at the end of the day;

“If you read forums, for every person complaining about the sale of illegal games there are four or five complaining about the price of legitimate games," Venturi said,

He was taking a risk not on the understanding that what he was doing was criminal but on the understanding that he could be sued. It is theft at the heart of this, rather than complex fraud.

Yep, that’s one weak defense. Now to hide all my old Famicom/ Golden China games before I get caught by that rotund bastard, PC Plod.

Last Updated: November 15, 2012

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