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Nintendo Direct round-up – August 08 2013

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I like the way that Nintendo releases news on their upcoming events. No massive media circuses or teasing, just down to business information, reveals and banter from the big guys in charge of the company. Last night was business as usual then, with quite a few games announced. Here’s what went down last night.

Sonic: Lost World

ninty (2)

The hedgehog with an attitude is back, as Sonic: Lost World will be an exclusive game for the Wii U and 3DS. There’ll be radio controlled gadgets which can be created and customised on the 3DS version of the game, and then sent to a Wii U version for use in co-op multiplayer modes. See more for yourself below.

Rayman Legends

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To say that Nintendo fans were pissed off this year when Rayman Legends for the Wii U was delayed so that other consoles could catch up, would be an understatement. Nintendo has put in the effort to make up for this massive slight in the last couple of months, with more exclusive features for the Wii U.

And it just got that little bit more rewarding for those loyalists, as they’ll now have the ability to dress their characters up like Mario and Luigi.

ninty (2)ninty (3)ninty (4)

So yeah, yay. And stuff.

The Legend of Zelda – The Wind Waker HD and A Link between worlds

ninty (1)

Wind Waker HD has a release date! The updated classic will be hitting European regions on October 4, while A Link to the past will arrive “toward the end of the year”.

A Link between worlds takes place many generations after the events of A Link to the past, where a dark and different Triforce is to blame for the world and the cataclysmic changes that it is currently experiencing.

Link will be able to travel through cracks in reality, in order to heal the world, maaaake it a better place for you and for me and the entire Hyrule race. Crap, I’m drifting.

Super Smash Bros

ninty (7)

Luigi will be a playable character on both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Super Smash Bros in 2014, as part of the year of Luigi celebrations. Check out the screenshots below and twat Mario a fat L-klap while you’re at it.

ninty (6)

luigi (1)luigi (2)luigi (3)luigi (4)luigi (5)luigi (6)luigi (7)

Pikmin 3

The recently released Pikmin 3 is now on the Miiverse, so users can start capturing in-game images and sharing them with users.

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy/ vs Ace Attorney

ninty (10)

The latest game in the long-running puzzle and mystery series will launch on the 3DS in 2014, with the crossover between Layton and the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney also arriving that year. No objection from me on that line-up.

3DS Virtual console

Donkey Kong launches on the 3DS via the virtual console feature on August 15, with Tecmo Bowl following in September. Wario Land 3 and Super Mario Bros 2 will also make an appearance later this year, hitting the Wii U as well.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Plaza

ninty (9)

A promotion will be held for this game from August 11, in which European/USA players can visit any Nintendo Zone in order to receive a Pumpkin Pie in-game item. By visiting these zones, and then going to the in-game post office, you’ll get your present.

Animal Crossing Plaza will be a free Wii U application that allows players exchange info and interact through the Animal Crossing Miiverse community,

You’ll be able to import images taken from the 3DS game, design custom QR codes and save them to your SD card. QR codes can also be scanned and used in other games of Animal Crossing New Leaf, as greetings and posts for players, with the service running until the end of 2014.

SteamWorld Dig and other indies

A new game was shown off, in which players can engage in some action-platforming in a world run by robots. SteamWorld Dig should be available on the Nintendo eShop right now. Other indie titles on the way are Teslagrad, TNT Racers, Wooden Sen’Sey and more.

Last Updated: August 8, 2013


  1. Why advertise wii u stuff when you cant even find places selling wii us? Bt games cna, toys r us all have stopped stocking them. Same as a gamecube. South Africa seriously doesnt like nintendo by the looks of it


    • Wyzak

      August 9, 2013 at 09:09

      I haven’t noticed a shortage of them in shops. BT games in Centurion still has stock, so has most of the retailers I’ve looked at. Also online retailers like take-alot and kalahari etc.

      Also what about the people that have consoles already? Should we just stop talking about games as well?


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