Nintendo Wii Can’t Compete With PS3, Xbox 360

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Yet another developer (Yasuhiro Wada, creator of Harvest Moon) has come out and voiced his opinion that the Wii is not in the same league as the PS3 or Xbox 360.

I am not sure if anyone still believes it is though personally. Nintendo where very clever in this generation and plotted their own course forward. They are currently outselling both the supposed competition with no end in sight.

I personally don’t expect the Wii to last the distance and I don’t think Nintendo do either, they have been making a profit on each console sold since launch and therefore are already way ahead of Sony and Microsoft in getting their research money back.

They can easily last until 2009-2010 and then release a newer version of the Wii and most probably be the most profitable of the lot.

The big question for us is when is it going to arrive here in South Africa?

Source: Wada: Nintendo Wii Can’t Compete With PS3, Xbox 360 at Portable Planet

Last Updated: April 16, 2007

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