Nintendo wins in court, again

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The United States Court of Appeals upheld the ruling by the International Trade Commission that Nintendo didn’t infringe on patents held by Motiva, LLC.

In November 2007, Motiva registered two patents titled "Human Movement Measurement System" and in 2008 they filed suit against Nintendo due to the technology used in the Wii.  Nintendo argued that there were no commercialized products using Motiva’s patented technology; in fact, not only was there no domestic industry in existence, it was not even in the process of being established.

Yesterday, the three circuit judges struck down the appeal, finding in favour of Nintendo.  It’s not exactly a surprise – a quick visit to Motiva’s website gives the clear impression that it is a shell of company.  They essentially did what plenty of other people have done with more success – register something (a domain name, patent, trademark) that they know a major company will want in the future, then wait to be bought out.  However in this case, it appears that they were wholly unsuccessful!

There goes a classic get rich quick scheme!  Hmmm, I suppose I’ll have to start selling snake oil, or maybe create a new pyramid scheme.  Ideas, anyone?

Last Updated: May 14, 2013

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