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Nintendo World Championships a steal at 100k

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How much are you willing to pay for a game? For some collectors, a Nintendo World Championships cartridge would be the crown jewel of their collection, the “Holy Grail” so to speak. One just sold today on eBay for $100,088 (USD) according to the now ended listing.

So why such a high price? Let me break it down for you how rare this gold cart is. Around 1200 were printed and distributed across the US for the competition. Today, there are 90 copies left today, and that’s only the less rare but still exceedingly rare gray cartridge, one of which with a ripped label selling for $99,902 (USD). Then there are 26 that happen to be gold, which were distributed by Nintendo Power as part of a separate competition, making them the second rarest cartridge to ever exist, second only to Stadium Events.

So what do you get for that amount of money? You get a tournament mode of three games with a goal to reach in each. You have six minutes and 21 seconds to complete the goals. You get the start of Super Mario Bros to collect 50 coins as quick as possible. Then it switches to Rad Racer where you complete a specially designed course as quick as possible. Any remaining time is used up racking up a high score on Tetris. The score is  then calculated using this formula:

(Super Mario Bros. score) + (Rad Racer score x 10) + (Tetris score x 25) = final score

So at the end of the day, like most rare games, it’s just an interesting curio that you can buy an original of for ridiculous amounts of money. Or you can buy a reproduction cart for $60 (USD). I know what I’d pick.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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