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Nintendo’s making money again

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We told you last month that Nintendo’s market cap had doubled in the first three months of the year, but the great big Japanese game-maker is now actually back in black. Nintendo’s posted its first annual profits in four years.

The Mario maker made a loss of 23bn yen ($193m) last year, but has this year made a far nicer 41bn yen ($411m) in profit. Unfortunately, it has little to do with the Wii U. According to Eurogamer, just 3.6m Wii U units were sold in the last year, bringing lifetime sales to 9.54 million worldwide. That’s less than half the number of Gamecube’s lifetime sales.

It’s got a lot more to do with their handhelds, with have sold over 9 million units in the past 12 months. That includes the 2D and the recently-released New 3DS. It puts the 3DS family’s sales at 52 million units sold. It sounds impressive, but it’s around a third of what the DS sold in its lifetime.

Game sales have been pretty exceptionally, with the newest Pokémon selling through nearly 10 million copies, and Super Smash Bros selling about the same split between the two platforms its available on. To make profit next year too, Nintendo hopes to sell through another 7.6m 3DS and 3.4m Wii U consoles in the next year.

Another contributing factor to Nintendo’s reversed fortunes is its toys-to-life Amiibo characters. While they absolutely, positively suck at the toys-to-life bit of it, they’re incredibly well made, ridiculously cute and highly collectible things. And my good god, do people want to buy those things.

Last Updated: May 7, 2015

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