Nintendo’s market cap doubles in 3 months

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It’s happened every generation since the Nintendo 64. Nintendo releases a weaker console than its main competitors, and loud, rallying cries of “Nintendo is doomed” begin to resonate and reverberate around gaming’s “hardcore” inner sanctum.

And of course, people have beaten that drum since Nintendo released the 3DS four years ago, and the system tanked – until a much needed price cut helped the system gain considerable momentum. The Wii U and its relative lack of success has, of course, also caused the death knell to ring. But there’s a saying that’s often applied to the big N: Never count Nintendo out.

In good news on the Nintendo front, the company’s market cap has risen to the highest levels it’s been in four years. Sitting pretty at US$24 Billion, the company’s market cap has doubled since January. That’s a mind-blowingly huge increase that must have shareholders grinning from ear to ear, and helped renew a little faith in current president, Satoru Iwata. A market cap is the value of the company’s publically traded shares, and shows a general investor confidence.

Why is that? It’s not Wii U sales, which are still in the doldrums. There are about as many Wii U’s in homes as there are Xbox Ones at the moment, but Nintendo’s console did have a year head-start, so it’s safe to say that the Xbox One is outpacing it. The 3DS, and its newer iterations are still doing reasonably well – but they’re unlikely to be the catalyst for the fiscal turnaround.

No, it’s largely because of Nintendo’s announcement that they’d be making mobile games, using its wealth of intellectual property to bring its games to the masses, in turn driving enthusiasm for its console and handheld products. The other driving factor is those damned Amiibo, which fans are tripping over each other to get.

We eagerly await Nintendo’s mobile output before making any sorts of judgements – but one thing’s for sure: I’m not counting Nintendo out.

Last Updated: April 22, 2015

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