No Episode Duscae with Final Fantasy Type-0 on PC

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Final Fantasy is slowly clawing its way out of the rut that the trilogy of Lightning titles put it in. With Type-O excitement for the series was reinvigorated – almost entirely thanks to the included Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae. Launching on Xbox One and Ps4 earlier this year, Type-O again proved why it’s a rather good adventure to undertake, and now it’s making its way to another platform.

Square Enix has revealed that the PSP remaster will be launch on PC soon, although an exact date wasn’t nailed down. The HD remaster comes with all the bells and whistles it did on console, but also improved graphics settings and higher resolutions textures. The PC version will also fix the horrible camera control, and offer new ways to control characters during battle. Two of the main gripes on console.

And while it’s certainly enhanced in those areas, the PC version of the port is missing it where it counts. Since Final Fantasy XV isn’t coming to PC (yet, at least), this port won’t include access to Episode Duscae. Quite frankly, that’s part of the allure of the port – although many would defend its quality alone.

It is interesting, however, how much effort is being put into making sure everyone gets a taste of Type-0. It could very well be that a sequel is in secret development – which would certainly help explain the ending a little more.

Still, I’m waiting for the day when Square Enix decides to remaster another excellent Final Fantasy PSP title. Make Crisis Core HD happen!

Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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