No “gimmicks” for Battlefield 4

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The next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft are coming this year, and they’ll play host to the next game in the Battlefield series. Both consoles will feature some form of motion control wizardry – but don’t expect those features to show up in Battlefield 4.

"We are not interested in things that don’t make the game better," DICE executive producer Patrick Bach told Edge. "There are a lot of gimmicks – people throwing money at us – ‘can you implement support for this quirky control thing’. No, it doesn’t make the game better."

He says that unnamed companies have been “throwing money” at DICE to implement motion control in its games, but they remain uninterested.  That’s not to say that DICE is against trying new things, or is averse to innovation.

"We are extremely open to innovation, but if it’s a gimmick, there’s no point unless it adds value to the player. Touch screens used to be a gimmick, because no-one could get it to work until iPhone came out and used it right. It adds to the experience, and now everyone is doing it. To us it’s the same with motion control and perceptual gaming in general; if it adds, great. If it’s a gimmick, ignore it."

Can you think of any games that have actually ben made a better experience through motion controls? the only one that I can think of right now is Okami, which on the Wii (and the HD PS3 rerelease) made the “brushing” elements more natural. Beyond that though…I’m struggling.

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Last Updated: April 17, 2013

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