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No Man’s Sky stole the VGX awards

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No Man's Sky

There were plenty of games shown at the VGX awards on the weekend, from Titanfall strutting out some new mechs through to some tantalising gameplay from Quantum Break. But out of all those big budget titles, one four man studio may have stolen the show with No Man’s Sky.

No Man’s Sky puts players in the cockpit of a starship that can explore a galaxy full of solar systems and planets. The catch here though, is that each procedurally generated planet can be explored, with no two worlds and their ecology being the same.

“If you see the stars, those are real stars, they have their own planets around them, and you can go there,” said Hello Games Sean Murray to Gametrailers.

It’s a science-fiction game, but it’s not like most other sci-fi games. We set out to make a game that challenges what it means to be next-gen, and what it means to be an indie title.

It’s going to mess with people’s perceptions of Hello Games, and I have no idea how people will react. It’s different, and pretty much the furthest thing from what we’ve done before.

So in essence, No Man’s Sky is all about exploration. See a lake? Slip your wetsuit on and go for a swim. See a planet above you that looks inviting? Jump in your ship and jet off towards it. If you can see it, you can reach it.

Out of everything that was shown off at the Spike VGX, this little but ambitious game just blew me away.

Last Updated: December 9, 2013

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