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No new love interests in Mass Effect 3

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The complicated love stories in the Mass Effect series are just one of the ways that Mass Effect set a new bar in gaming story telling and so it’s with a little bit of disappointment that we find out that there will be no new love interests/options added in Mass Effect 3.

Your only options will be the three options from the original title along with the six from Mass Effect 2, but it’s not like the developers have dropped this option from the story but rather they have enhanced it.

As long as you have played the first and second titles in the series then in the third you are going to be shown up to have either cheated on your initial love interest or you have been a loyal and trustworthy lover.

Did you think about that before running off with that floozy in Mass Effect 2 or is that just how life works since your first lady wasn’t available at the time?

I do love how they are keeping this story intertwined and am hoping they can finish this series with a flourish with Mass Effect 3 in early 2012.

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Last Updated: May 16, 2011

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