No Sims 4 reviews until after launch

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Review embargoes are sometimes a good indication about whether a studio is confident in the quality of their game or not. Most of the time when a game is embargoed until after release, it’s not a good sign. Call of Duty on the Vita  is one of the best example of this, and now Sims 4 could join that growing list.
The Sims 4 is coming out next month, but we won’t be able to tell you whether it’s any better than SimCity at launch or not. That’s because EA isn’t sending out reviews to press until after launch. No early access, no warning if the game is an absolute mess at launch.

That’s according to IGN Reviews Editor Dan Stapleton, who revealed the embargo via Twitter.

We haven’t heard anything from EA locally about Sims 4 review copies, but if IGN US is having issues getting early access I’d expect nearly everyone to as well. That doesn’t outright mean that the Sims 4 will be a bad game, but if EA isn’t comfortable with press getting their hands on it before it hits shelves, that should tell you something.

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The Sims 4 is being released on September 2nd exclusively on PC.

Last Updated: August 20, 2014

Alessandro Barbosa

You can all call me Sandy until I figure out how to edit this thing, which is probably never. Sandy not good enough? Call me xXx_J0k3R_360degreeN0Sc0pe_xXx. Also, Geoff's a bastard.

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    I initially read that as “after lunch” & was concerned because I’ve just eaten lunch & didn’t know if there’d be any negative side effects.

    • Sith JJ

      Rather after than before and it puts you off eating.

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Kinda like “insert commentators name”‘s face!

    • clay

      At least you wont have to worry about swimming for at least an hour after lunch because there wont be any pools…

  • Ryanza

    So can’t the press just buy a copy and let loose on EA and Origin?

    • Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy)

      Yes, after launch.

    • Yeah, but one of the main points of having reviews is to stop you buying shit games. I mean, I was going to buy Aliens: Colonial Marines (it was also embargoed) but because a decent chap told me HOLD OFF I didn’t waste my money.

      • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

        A decent chap told me to steer clear of watch dogs. Good man!

        • H0nkeys Have No Lips

          sounds like another moron who was expecting a gta clone

  • Hammersteyn

    I bet their servers won’t float under the weight of people jumping in day one. This could drown the series and then they wont be swimming in a pool of money. Though I doubt my assumption holds any water

    • Lardus-Resident Perve
    • Ryanza

      Does Sims 4 have always online servers?

      • Hammersteyn

        You probably have to log in through Origin.

    • Alien Emperor Trevor

      This game isn’t a splash in the pond when it comes to their liquidity. The constant drips & drabs of DLC releases will cause major ripples.

      • Hammersteyn

        I thought I was clever O_o

        • Alien Emperor Trevor

          Make it (b)rain!

    • Spaffy

      How childish of them

    • Sk3tz0

      still upset there no pool in Sim 4 hey 😛

      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Well, it’s safe to throw your toys out the cot about it because there’s no toddlers who can pick them up & choke on them either.

        • Sk3tz0

          I dont mind that there are no Pools in Sim4.. I’ll figure out a way of killing the little fuckers some how.. I always do..

  • Alien Emperor Trevor

    Released on September 2, then the servers will crash & no one will be able to play, then everyone will lose their shit, EA will say they crashed because of unprecedented demand, about a week later it should be fixed, then you’ll have to download a gigantic patch, then the servers will crash because of demand for the patch & everyone will lose their shit again, EA will come out & tell everyone that gamers are entitled whiners & should be grateful but to show no ill will they’ll get some clothing items for the inconvenience & everyone will be happy, after another week everything should be up & running again & everyone will play, a few days later the servers will be hacked & something will be messed up, EA will blame that on users for as long as they can until it comes out they hadn’t secured the servers properly & announce the first DLC pack. I can’t predict any further because I’m worried I’ll hurt myself.

    • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora

      The sad fact is I can see it going down EXACTLY like that

  • ElimiNathan

    That usually indicates sh*t game

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      A very shit game….

  • Sk3tz0

    maybe IGN not getting the early access, because EA decided not to pay them for the 10/10 price range and free merchandise those sorry sacks at IGN get for giving out Good reviews to shitty games.. FOR SHAME ON U IGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryanza

    The shit started with the explanation of not having pools in the game.

    Games are being built around DRM now. Look at how Simcity was built around DRM.

    • Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy)

      *not sure if DRM trolling… or serious*

      • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora

        No dude. Ryanza is serious about DRM. He is probably right too. The game probably has some form of DRM that EA doesn’t want the world to know about until after launch. They don’t want the same backlash they had with SimCity and its always online which is why they won’t release it early for review

  • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora

    And this is how you ensure people are afraid of your product. This just enforces the view that the game is going to be crap because if EA are scared of reviews before it’s launched then clearly they themselves know the game is a pile of… well you know.

  • Anon A Mouse

    EA is just afraid that it will be pirated by the millions if they do an early release. This game is going to be super awesome and a money tsunami is going to hit EA when it release.

    • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora
      • Alien Emperor Trevor

        Goddamn Susan & her stupid husband Fred. Always pitches up even though they’re not invited.

      • Anon A Mouse

        And here I thought I was subtly sarcastic.

        • Sir Rants A Lot: On Pandora


      • Ryanza

        in that picture the black guy stands out.

    • Gareth L (That eXCheez Guy)

      I don’t think that it’ll be as big a success as the other Sims games. The boxart and game graphics look *just* like The Sims 3, even the “features” listed on the back of the box won’t sound like anything new to the franchise.

      The fans are already annoyed with having had to double- and even triple-dip on the same expansion pack content since The Sims 2.

  • Eish, that is never a good sign.

  • ToshZA

    Well I think one’s easy. It’s the Sims. You control virtual people and make them do virtual things. Just like every Sims game before it. Only now you’ll get new tools to create them with, and make their houses. Since those have been sampled already – we already know all we need to. If you want the new tools and more Sims, buy the game. If you don’t care and want to drown your sims, keep playing any of the previous versions.

  • Nikola

    I made a mistake like that pre ordered Bound by Flame for PS4 bcuz of the whole review thing I traded in back the next day, as soon as I see something like this I assume the game is complete crap!

    • Brady miaau

      Same here (AFTER READING REVIEWS), except did not trade in. Broken game, too easy, too difficult, all in the space of 30 seconds

      • Nikola

        Hahah I know just a terrible terrible game overall I don’t like trading games in like to collect them but didn’t want this rubish in my collection lol

  • Rags

    Well I prefer it this way. Early access reviews can’t be trusted. Error 37.

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Yep, this is going to be SimCity/battlefield4 levels of fail. EA wants another golden poo.

  • MakeItLegal

    Sounds like they pulling a fast one on sleeping consumers and ill informed parents

  • Dizzyl3mon

    If you guys are looking for reviews you need to go to YouTube to watch the game play footage and reviews from community Simmers. They got access to a full release of the game and played for 6 hours, recorded footage, and uploaded it with commentary for everyone to see. Seems its only the corporate press that got cut out.

  • Sovereign

    No reviews means no pre-order from me.

  • J_Joestar

    Makes me wonder if they have to pay more to reviewers when they want a bad game rated higher compared to something that is just mediocre.

  • tobactrac

    I doubt there’ll be any resolution to this what with the release date coming so soon, but I’m trying to gather opposition for review embargoes for any upcoming EA games if anyone’s interested:

  • Dead Horse

    The engine is warmed up and this train is ready to leave the station, what a wonderful TRAINWRECK this promises to be.

  • Larry Meredith

    One explanation might be that they’re afraid of it leaking. As I recall, a prerelease version of Sims 3 got leaked and cracked before the official release date.

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