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Nobody can be trusted in the dark zones of The Division

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The Division

In many ways, The Division is eerily similar to Destiny. Both games feature enemies that bleed numbers when you nail them with bullets. They’ve both got players constantly searching for weapons and gears that’ll give them greater math-damaging skills for kills and both games feature an online world filled with people online that you’re trying so desperately hard to avoid at all costs.

But beyond the obvious that has The Division looking to nab Destiny’s top spot, lies a completely different game. Ubisoft knows this, as it’s the setting of The Division that gives the game its own identity and personality. “The Division is based on a real threat, a clear and present danger to our society,” Ubisoft’s Martin Hultberg said to GamesTM.

Mankind has always been fascinated by disasters and the end times, since as far back as we have recorded history. [The end] is in religious texts, it is told as legends… Severe disasters are historic fact and there are countless books on the subject.

Humans are set apart from other animals in that we can see patterns over time, we can speculate and we can theorize. It is probably part of human nature – to speculate on the subject of our own demise.

What also gives the game a unique flavour, is that you’re most likely going to wind up with some bullets in your back the minute you look away from me after completing a successful mission, because I am a horrible and despicable person who should not be allowed to live or socialise. At elast that’s what my mom said during the Christmas day lunch.

It’s that backstabbing feature that allows you to play as a team or an opportunistic scavenger that has me excited. And Ubisoft is also aware of this. “Nobody can be trusted in the Dark Zones,” Hultberg said of the dark zones scattered around the game world.

So tensions and risks are high, but so are the rewards. The setup allows you a seamless transition between solo, co-op and player verses player. This means no lobbies or menus – it is just one unbroken experience once you start the game. The world consists of areas that facilitate these different ways of playing and you will know, and choose, when you make the transition from one to another.

Chances are, I will turn on you and steal your loot. But at least I’m honest about it.

Last Updated: January 7, 2016

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