Nolan North casually confirms The Last of Us 2

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The Last of Us was, despite anything Geoff says, a truly spectacular way to cap off the PS3 era. Naughty Dog’s final game on the system was heart-breaking, raw and extremely fun to play, although I wasn’t clawing at the chance for more (especially after the impeccable Left Behind expansion). To me, The Last of Us presented a complete singular experience – but that’s probably not what Naughty Dog have in mind.

The idea of a Last of Us sequel has been a somewhat foregone conclusion, especially after game director Neil Druckmann said that the chances lay at 50/50 a few months ago. Yesterday, however, Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North apparently confirmed the project outright – in the most casual of circumstances.

Speaking at MetroCon, during the same panel that detailed the new Visceral Star Wars game, North denies his involvement in a sequel we didn’t even know existed.

“For now, last one. I know they’re doing a Last of Us 2 but my character in Last of Us kind of had an untimely demise.”

North’s character in the first game – the despicable David – didn’t meet an all too pleasant end, so it’s unsurprising that he’s not involved in the sequel. Could that mean he’s confused about its existence at all? Possible, but highly improbable given his attachment to Naughty Dog and their history. It’s more likely just a slip of the tongue about a game I’m sure even he thought was all but confirmed at this point, but it is still more confirmation that we’ve had in the past.

And again I’m torn. I’m cautiously optimistic to see how Naughty Dog approaches this – continuing on with Joel and Ellie or starting a different story in the same universe. The latter sounds far more appealing to me, and I have the utmost faith in Naughty Dog with this endeavour. They are, of course, one of those rare studios that has yet to really disappoint.

Last Updated: June 30, 2015

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