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November NPD Stats – Not good news for Sony

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The November NPD sales stats are in and it’s not good news for Sony. 

For clarification NPD is the company that tracks the American console sales and November is always the second most important month of the year in regards to console sales figures… So how did it go for everyone?

Wii: 2.04m(154%)
DS: 1.57m (220%)
Xbox 360: 836K (125%)
PSP: 421K (118%)
PS3: 378K (99%)
PS2: 206K (51%)

The biggest surprise here is that the PS2 is once again selling bucket loads this Christmas, when will people realise that the PS2 has passed its prime?

But back to this generation’s figures, it looks like the 360 is on its way to killing the PS3 this Christmas in the US and the Nintendo Wii isn’t even blinking in the face of it’s constant critics calling it a fad. 

Believe it if you will, but this fad is going to steam roll every other console this Christmas and these statistics have now made that a fact.

Source: Joystiq

In the immortal words of Queen “Wii are the champions, my friend”, yes it’s Friday afternoon and time to go home… have a great weekend my friends.

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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