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Now everyone can get a free copy of Watch Dogs 2!

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If you ask me, that Ubisoft Forward showcase on Sunday was a touch underwhelming. Not that it was Ubisoft’s fault or anything, it sucks for all the teams working on their upcoming games that so much was leaked in advance. Still, the show had to go on and Ubisoft showed off some of their next string of heavy-hitter games, including Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion and a teaser trailer for Far Cry 6. Yet one of the more common reasons folks tuned into the stream was to claim a free copy of Watch Dogs 2, the 2016 open-world game that’s actually a pretty good time. Yet things didn’t exactly pan out as they should have…

Considering the fact that millions of people were trying to log into Uplay at once (probably for the first time in months too), smoke was undoubtedly seen steaming out of the Ubisoft’s server room and very few folks were actually able to log in and claim their giveaway. Ubisoft obviously feels quite bad about this whole procedure and has thus decided to extend the promotion for an extra two days, now ending on July 15, 11:59 Pacific Time which is actually Thursday morning for us locals in South Africa. So now you don’t even need to have watched Uplay Forward! What a deal!

To claim your copy of the game, all you need to do is head over to this page and register with your Uplay details to have Watch Dogs 2 loaded into your library. It’s really not much of a hassle for a fantastic game, so I highly recommend just taking 5 minutes out of your day to get on that hackable hype train.

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

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