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Now there's something that you don't hear everyday

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Ok, I know that this is quite a strange one and I was quite lost at how to really explain it but I found it rather interesting anyway. 

The people at Maxim magazine were able to get an interview with the man behind the Mortal Kombat voice, Hernan Sanchez. 1UP report that instead of boring the poor man with strange questions, they decided to have him read some absurd lines of text into a microphone instead. They then compiled it into this rather nifty little flash movie that allows you to click on the phrases and listen to them.

Maxim had the following to say:

“We put Mr. Sanchez and his thundering larynx to the test with some of our own alternatives, ranging from nerd favorite phrases like “Epic Fail” to what we’re expecting to play right after the President-elect’s swearing in ceremony on January 20. Enjoy!”

Thanks Maxim! Things like this are completely useless in the real world and even a little unnecessary and that’s exactly the reason why it’s awesome!

So there you go, click on some of the buttons and giggle as you hear him say strange things like “tickle him” and “Obama Wins, Flawless Victory”. It’s quite a hoot.

source: Maxim via 1UP

Last Updated: November 27, 2008

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